Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hats From Scraps: Upcoming Cavendish Historical Society Events

The Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) chose the 1930’s as its theme for the year due to the current economic situation. At the upcoming Holiday Fair on September 28, 9-2 pm at the Cavendish Town Elementary School, you can see how members of CHS have “reused and recycled.”

Hats from Scraps are made from bits and pieces of left over fabric and fleece. There are even some holiday stockings made in the same manner.

In the 1930’s, socks were often knitted using either wool or cotton. When the socks had been passed downed and darned so often that they no longer could be worn, they would be cut up and reused. Some were used in mops-cotton socks for wet chores and wool for dry mopping. Another handy item was cutting the socks into loops and using them to weave potholders. Students from the Young Historians program, who are studying town and farm life in the 1930’s, have been making potholders, but not from old socks. Thanks to a donation from the Vermont Country Store, the students have looms and cotton loops.

In addition to handmade items, the Fair is a good time to give the gift of Cavendish, by purchasing copies of old photographs, including the 1927 Flood panoramic photograph, as well as books and note cards.

On December 5 (Saturday), the Young Historian’s program, a project of CHS and the Cavendish Elementary School, is sponsoring a “Re-Make it for the Holidays” workshop. All three crafts provide an opportunity to recycle paper. These include paper beads; gift boxes made from old greeting cards and Iris Folding. The latter is a way of using folded pieces of paper to make interesting pictures and cards. Developed by a Dutch photographer in the early 1900’s, the patterns give the appearance of a camera shutter closing.

The cost of the craft workshop is $5 and includes all materials. The workshop will be held from 10-noon in the multi purpose room at the Cavendish Elementary School.

For more information about these events, e-mail or call 802-226-7807.