Friday, January 14, 2011

Cavendish 250th Anniversary: Crown Point Road

Construction began on the Crown Point Road in 1759. Built by the British, it linked Fort Number 4 in Charlestown, NH to Fort Crown Point on Lake Champlain. Major John Hawks and 250 rangers cleared a roughhewn road through the forest. A path was cut across the elevation in southeastern Cavendish, now called Hawks Mountain. Soldiers traveling along this section of the road soon complained of its roughness. Another route bypassing Hawks Mountain was laid out during the next spring. An encampment from twenty miles from Charlestown on the road gave the tributary of the Black River its present name: Twenty Mile Stream. The first settlers in Cavendish, John Coffeen and family, settled close to the Crown Point Road in 1769, eight years after the Charter was signed by King George III.

There will be a meeting to start planning for the town's 250th anniversary (Oct. 12, 1761) celebration on Jan. 24 (Monday), 4 pm at the Town Office. All are welcome. FMI: 226-7807 or 226-7292

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