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Celebrating Cavendish’s 250th Anniversary: Amos Kimball Father of the Cavendish Proprietors

The following information is from Linda Welch, the Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) genealogist, and is being printed as part of the 250th Anniversary of Cavendish year long celebration.

Amos Kimball was born at Bradford, Mass. 13 Oct. 1717. He had lands in Winchendon, and a vast tract of land in Cavendish Vt., He was one of the original proprietors of Cavendish and should be considered the “Father of the Cavendish Proprietors” for it was Amos Kimball who sought and obtained the charter for the Town of Cavendish from Benning Wentworth, the governor of New Hampshire. Although Amos never settled in the town, he was a formidable promoter of its early settlement. He conducted most of his business concerning Cavendish from his home in Lunenburg.

Amos and his wife Dorothy removed from Bradford to Lunenburg, Mass. in 1746/7 and settled in that part which became Fitchburg. He served on the school committee and served as selectman in 1751-52, 1756, 1758-9. He and his cousin Ephraim built the first dam across the Nashua River near the present stone mill in Fitchburg. They had a saw and gristmill there as well. He was very active in procuring the incorporation of the town of Fitchburg from Lunenburg, and was very active and prominent in the affairs of Fitchburg until his death. There is no doubt he had every intention of locating in Cavendish, but the land controversy with the New Hampshire Grants persuaded him to give up the intention and leave it to pioneers younger than he.

Amos Kimball's faithful stewardship to protect the New Hampshire Cavendish charter was part of his life's work. He was very active in his land dealings and land speculation in Cavendish up to his death. The following deed tells us how he bought out Ephraim Whitney's Right of over 300 acres of land in the town for a mere thirteen shillings, via:

"To all people to whom these presents shall come, Greetings: Know ye that I, Ephraim Whitney of Fitchburg, in the County of Worcester, and Province of the Massachusetts Bay, Gent, in consideration of the sum of thirty shillings lawful money to me paid by Amos Kimball of Fitchburg, aforesaid, Gent, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge; have and do hereby grant, sell and convey to him, said Amos Kimball, his heirs and assigs, one Right or Full Share of Land in the Township of Cavendish, in the County of Albany, and Province of New York, being the same Right or Share which I hold by virtue of my being a Grantee in the Original Grant of said Township, made by the Governor and Council of the Province of New Hampshire.

To have and hold the said Right or Share with the appurtenances to him the said Amos Kimball, his heirs and assigns forever, without ever being molested or disturbed by me or any from by or under me, in Witness whereof, I have hereunto let my hand and seal, this 11 March, 1766. Ephraim Whitney. Witnessed by: David Goodridge, John Grout and Richard Taylor - -
• Received for recording at Cavendish, 27 May 1793 (brought to town by Amos Kimball Jr.) and recorded by Samuel White, Register.

Amos Kimball land dealings in Cavendish continued. The following document tells us how he bought out Daniel Hoar's Right of over 300 acres of land in the town for the cost of paying John Chruch for going to New York State to procure a confirming deed and charter.
"To: John Church Esq., at Charlestown in the Province of New Hampshire, by this may certify that Deacon Amos Kimball has bought of me the subscriber, all Right & Title that I have or ought to have to all the Land or Rights and after draughts in the town of Cavendish, said Amos Kimball, paying all charges, fees, and charter cost that hath or may arise on said lands, and I hereby desire you to give the title of all the Lands and Rights that I have to said lands to Deacon Amos Kimball of Fitchburg and your complying will oblige me, I hereby promise to indemnify you from any trouble or damage that I ever will bring against you or your heirs or executors, as witness my hand and seal this 29 day of January and in the thirteenth year of his Majesties Reign, AD 1773. Signed, sealed in presence of Thomas Cowdrin and George Kimball, -- Daniel Hoar. —Received for recording at Cavendish, 27 May, 1793 {brought to town by Amos Kimball Jr.) and recorded by Samuel White, Register.

Amos died in Lunenburg, 6 Oct. 1774 (age 57), Dorothy must have come to Cavendish with one of her sons after her husband's death. She died 1 Jan. 1795 (age 77), and is buried in the Cavendish Village, Mt. Union Cemetery.

For a PDF copy of the Kimball Family genealogy, please e-mail or call 802-226-7807.

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