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Young Historians Games/1930 Timeline

Happy New Year.

Our Young Historian's program on January 6 will feature board games played by children in the 1930’s. During this decade some of the games we still play today were introduced:

• Monopoly 1933
• Anagrams 1934
• Sorry! 1934
• Scrabble 1938

Many children played Pick Up Sticks, Marbles, Tidily-Winks and Jacks.

After school, there were chores to be done and homework to finish. If it was light out, maybe you would have time to go sledding in winter, or play baseball with some friends in the warm weather. Other popular outdoor games were hopscotch, jump rope, and tag.

At night, the family would often listen to the radio. If you lived on a farm, the radio might be hooked up to a car battery. Since many farms didn’t have electricity until the 1940s or later, oil lamps would have provided the light to read or play games by.

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For the next several months, we will provide you timelines of events that took place each year during the 1930’s. Below is the timeline for 1930.

Historical Events of 1930

World Population: 2 billion. Note: As of 2008, the population was almost 6 billion.

United States Population 122.7 Million Note: As of 2008 was over 304 million..

Songs Released: Ain’t Misbehavin’ by Fats Waller; I Got Rhythm and Embraceable You by George Gershwin; On the Sunny Side of the Street by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh; Dreamy Blues (known today as Mood Indigo) by Duke Ellington; Georgia on My Mind by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell; and Body and Soul by Louis Armstrong

January 6: The first diesel automobile trip is completed
• Charles Lindbergh arrives in New York, setting cross country flying record of 14.75 hours.
• New York City starts installing traffic lights

February 24: President Hoover tells Congress to economize or face 40% tax hike.
• President Hoover says the worst effects of the Depression will be over within 90 days: "Prosperity is just around the corner"

• 513 individuals file as millionaires on their tax returns

March 8: Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Az discovers the ninth planet (Pluto). Note: In 2006 Pluto was re classified as a “dwarf planet” or minor planet.

April 3: Telephone service from the United States to South America is available for the first time.

April 11: New York Scientist predicts man will reach the moon by 2050. Note: The first human made object to reach the surface of the moon was the Soviet Union’s Luna 2 mission on September 13, 1959. The United States’s Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the moon on July 20, 1969.

May 28: The Chrysler Building opens to the public in New York City.

June 6: Frozen food (developed by Clarence Birdseye) becomes available in stores.

July 20: Washington’s head is dedicated on Mt. Rushmore.

July 31: The Shadow is broadcasted the first time on radio

August 13: A giant meteorite lands deep in the Amazon rain forests. The explosion is equal to 10 of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima.

September 1: First electric passenger train is tested between Hoboken and Montclair, NJ by Edison.

September 14: Nazis become second-largest party in Germany over communists; Hitler claims he would scrap Versailles treaty if in charge.

October 5: CBS Radio begins live Sunday radio broadcasts of the NY Philharmonic

October 8: Athletics (then in Philadelphia) win the world series

October 17: President Hoover establishes Committee for Unemployment Relief

November 5: All Quiet on the Western Front wins Academy Award for Outstanding Motion Picture.

December 10: Sinclair Lewis wins Nobel Prize for Literature for Babbitt, becoming the first American to do so.

December 11: U.S. Bank goes under; 60 branches in New York and more than 1300 close nationwide by year's end

December 31: President Hoover urges Congress to provide up to $150 million for public works to create jobs. Emphasizes U.S. is better than rest of the world.

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