Friday, May 28, 2010

Cavendish Historical Society Honoring the 1940s and WWII

The Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) Museum opens on Sunday, May 30. As part of its 1940’s exhibit, CHS is inviting the community to share items from this era. All materials will be returned at the end of the season.

The new exhibit includes items from various people who served during WWII. There is a list of Cavendish residents who served in the war. This list is more extensive than the one that appears on the War Memorial outside of the Museum, as it reflects members of the community who moved here after the war. We are trying to compile as much information as possible about these individuals. If you are visiting the Museum, please don’t hesitate to fill in information you might have. This summer’s exhibit will be expanding with each week, so visit often and share your knowledge. Future generations will benefit.

If you have relevant items you would like to display at the Museum, please e-mail or call 802-226-7807.

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