Saturday, October 2, 2010

Message from the President

As part of the Cavendish Historical Society's Annual Meeting and Recognition Dinner on Oct. 17, the President of the Board has issued the following statement about this year's activities:

Message from the President
It is amazing what can be accomplished with a dedicated group of volunteers and staff. Below is a list of our on-going activities:

• Archeology: As funding permits, we will continue to “dig up” our history.

* New in 2010:Cemetery Preservation Project: Working with the Cavendish Cemetery Commission and the Cavendish Elementary School, CHS has organized a group of volunteers that are cleaning and repairing gravestones in the town’s seven cemeteries. As part of this project, CHS has developed a handout based on the National Park Service’s brochure on Monument Cleaning. This is available from CHS, the Town Office and the Cavendish Library.

• Educational Outreach: CHS offers the following programs:
* New in 2010: In-service for teachers
* New in 2010 Curriculum learning. CHS offers programs to all grades of the Cavendish Elementary programs, which combine local history as it pertains to a specific area of study. While aspects of this have been offered in the past, school year 2010 represents the first year that we have curriculums from nearly every grade at the Cavendish Town Elementary School.
- Young Historians: A weekly program for students in grades 3-6, volunteers provide hands on learning about Cavendish history. Last year we focused on the 1930’s and are learning about the 1940’s this year.
- Community education through special events, such as the upcoming Celebrating Proctorsville pictorial display at the Cavendish Library.

• Genealogy: One of the most requested areas of information, CHS has a series of books, Families of Cavendish, which were developed by our genealogist Linda Welch.
* New in 2010-The CHS blog now has a special genealogy section so that Welch can provide immediate access to new information.

• Museum: CHS operates a museum from June-mid October. Staffed by volunteers, the Museum is open on Sundays from 2-4 pm and at other times by appointment. Archival work is done year round. Restorative work of the Museum’s collection is mainly done during the summer months.
* New in 2010: Repair and restoration of the Cavendish Grange Hall Curtain
* New in 2010: Restoration of the Joshua Green Loom

• Newsletter-Scribbler II: A bi-monthly newsletter, which provides information about current CHS activities as well items of historical interest.

• Old Home Day: Held the Saturday prior to July 4, 2011 will be an important year, as it will be the 250th anniversary of Land Grants, which is responsible for the founding of the town.

• Oral History: Interviews, many of which are being videotaped, are done year round.

• Today Becomes History: In addition to understanding what has happened in our town, CHS maintains information about current events for future generations. CHS is one of the supporters of the “Cavendish Update,” a weekly electronic newsletter about Cavendish. It is available on-line and can be obtained via e-mail by sending an e-mail to with “subscribe Cavendish Update” in the subject heading.
- Cavendish Business Directory: Updated at least early, CHS includes business information, for businesses located in Cavendish, and/or are owned by Cavendish residents.

* New in 2010 Walking Tours: CHS has developed two walking tours-Phineas Gage and Celebrating Proctorsville.

As we move into 2011, the 250th anniversary of the founding of Cavendish, we are planning a town wide celebration that will take place throughout the year. For our many friends that live out of town, make Cavendish a destination this coming year.

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