Thursday, March 3, 2011

Young Historians: Town Meeting/1949 Timeline

At yesterday's Young Historians Town Meeting, voters approved only one of four articles presented to them. The approved article was "To see if the voters will approve the addition of soup to the salad bar." There was considerable debate on each item and we could have gone on much longer than the alloted time. The other three artices voted down were as follows:

Article 2. To see if the voters will approve a hour long recess period.

Article 3. To see if the voters will adopt a policy to end school attendance.

Article 4: To see if the voters will approve music being played during lunch time.

We are now at the last decade of the 1940's for our timeline.

1949 Timeline
• China becomes communist
• First non stop flight around the world
• 1984 by George Orwell is published
• NATO established
• Soviet Union has atomic bomb
• Junior Mints, Smarties Candy Roll Wafers and El Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars are introduced
• The first TV daytime soap opera, “These Are My Children” was broadcast from the NBC station in Chicago
• “Happy Pappy” premiered. It was the first all black cast variety show.
• Look Magazine proclaimed that radio was “doomed” and that within 3 years television would completely overshadow it.
• Bozo the Clown made his TV debut
• “Crusader Rabbit” was the first cartoon made for TV
• Milton Berle hosted the first TV telethon. $1.1 million for cancer patients was raised in 14 hours.
• The first Emmy Awards for TV productions were made.
• Jackie Robinson wins the National Leagues Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award

Movies: Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer; Blondie: Blondie Hits the Jackpot.

• Books: Newberry Award: King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry; Caldecott Award: The Big Snow by Berta & Elmer Hader

• Songs: Some Enchanted Evening Perry Como; I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry Hank Williams; Lovesick Blues Hank Williams; Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Gene Autry;

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