Tuesday, September 18, 2012


As many of us know, Don Carlos Pollard's store was not just a store. It was an operation. Located right near the railroad tracks and depot, the store was a stockhouse of just about everything families in a Vermont farm community would need to get along. And if Pollard didn't have it, he could get it (he had all kinds of catalogs in the store, and was agent for many companies). This advertisement of 1870 (the earliest one I could find) shows Pollard's was a dry goods, clothing, cloth, hats, caps, and ready made ware for boys, store. It sold boots, shoes, groceries including teas, coffee, etc., hardware, all the tools for the farm. In addition it was a drugstore and pharmacy and carried all kinds of dishes and housewares, glasses and pots and pans. It was an ole' New England style "WALMART" in its time.  This store was in business even after the Second World War. My great grandfather's and great grandmother's shopped there. My grandfather and grandmother shopped there; my father shopped there. He was raised in Proctorsville (born 1909). The people who lived all around this store knew its value and history. Everyone has there own personal memories of that great 'ole place, Pollard's Store. Do not forget, that it was while working in this store as a young lad, that Calvin Coolidge began interested in politics.  Many of you have your own memories of Pollard's. I would love to hear from you. —Linda M. Welch

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