Friday, January 11, 2013

Luke Parkhurst’s Journal 1840

Dear Margo and Members of the Historical Society.

I am so very impressed and grateful to Sharon Phennah for providing me (for the CHS)
a complete digitally photographed copy of all pages and all content of Luke Parkhurst's Business Journal.  It is a tremendous primary source document of Cavendish History.

This journal tells us the story through barter and trade – accounts and notes – of the people and families who lived in Cavendish (mainly the Twenty-Mile Stream, Proctorsville area) in the 1840s. 

I loved it when Sharon 1st gave it to me a few years back for safe keeping and 'typescribing'   but with all my work on “Families of Cavendish,” I did not have time to digitally photograph it like I should have!

Sharon came to visit the CHS in September. We all met at George Timko's restaurant in Proctorsville.[Crows Bakery and Opera House Café]Carmine, Margo, me and Sharon, (we also saw Gloria and Seymour Levin and others). Sharon when out afterwards and photographs headstones at the Twenty-Mile Stream Cemetery, which she also sent me digital copies of. She also took Luke's book back with her to photograph.

She did an outstanding job, and it took her hours and hours to do it (sore arms!) During the winter months, Sharon has meticulously photograph in high DPI and at least 3 shots per page to make sure we could read the writing, all of Luke's Journal.

Sharon just sent me the little stick drive in the mail, and I am going to start reviewing all items in the journal and sending Margo Jpg's from it, for all of us to enjoy. Also, I will give her a copy of the stick drive for CHS.  

The Parkhurst –  and Gilson families were very important to early Cavendish.

I am still working on them all for a forthcoming new edition of Families of Cavendish (working as fast as I can!)

If you have a moment, please sent a thank you card to:
Sharon Phennah
1722 Spencer Avenue
New Bern, North Carolina.  28560-5422.

Regards to you all. Thank God the Holiday's are over and I can get back to Cavendish history work!

Linda. Welch (CHS Genealogist)

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