Thursday, September 25, 2014

Museum Scavenger Hunt

This past week, the Cavendish Town Elementary School 4th graders spent the morning at the Museum on a scavenger hunt. Below is the form they used. How many of these items have you seen? The Museum is open for a few more Sundays-last day is Oct. 12-from 2-4 pm. Stop by and see how many things you can find.

School Days
• Find three types of desks that students used.

• Find the “white board” that was used in the 1800s one room schoolhouse.

• Name one of the books used by Cavendish students many years ago.

• What was the name of the first school house in Cavendish? Where is it located in the Museum?

Around the House
• Rub a Dub Dub-What were the different ways people cleaned and dried their clothes?

• How many chairs can you find that were made in Cavendish? What colors are they?

• Stoves can be used for many different things. Find the three stoves in the Museum. What were they used for?

• What did people do for entertainment? What kinds of games did children play? Look all around the Museum for clues.

• At the end of the day, when work was done, how did they spend their leisure (free) time?

In the Kitchen: Look at the kitchen wares case. How many things can you identify? Can you find the ice cream scoop?

Made in Cavendish: Lots of things were manufactured in Cavendish. How many examples can you find? List them. What is manufactured in Cavendish today?

Famous Cavendish Residents
• He had a tamping rod go through his head. What was his name? What kind of work did he do?

• When did Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn come to Cavendish? Why did he come?

• A lamp that was made from plane parts. Where did the plane crash and in what year?

• Items people took on picnics. There are two types. See if you can find both. What kind of food do you think they packed?

• Three scales. What might have been weighed on them?

• Find the sign that hung over the Cavendish Depot (Train Station).

• Early 1900’s “CD player.” What did they use for listening to music?

• The “computers” that were used for typing and calculating.

Cavendish War Memorial
You can learn a lot of history from a war memorial.
• Why do you think this memorial was erected?

• What Civil War soldier was killed at St. Petersburg, April 2, 1865?

  How man soldiers from Cavendish died in WWII? Korea?

• Four soldiers died in WWI. Name them.

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