Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Russian Christmas at CTES: Directions and patterns

4th Grade Star Tree
On Dec. 22, the Cavendish Historical Society spent the day with the Cavendish Town Elementary School students teaching them not only aspects of Russian history and how it relates to town history,  but enjoying special treats from Svetlana Phillips, and learning various arts and crafts projects with Margo Caulfield and Pang Ting. Thank you to our volunteers for making this day so special. 

Everyone was too busy listening, creating and eating to take pictures, except for the one Pang Ting took of the completed fourth grade project.

As promised for students and staff a like, here are further directions for making the items from the Cavendish Town Elementary School’s Russian Christmas:

Matryohska Dolls: The kindergarten made these in two sizes using the pattern found on-line (we whited out the NOEL and didn’t use the legs) By taping a shape of the doll taped to the back, they’ll stand. Lots of other styles and patterns (including a nutcracker) are available at Decoupage Du Noel Russe.

Christmas cards made in the style of Gzhel pottery (blue on white).  The first graders used stencils and cobalt blue paint on white card stock to create beautiful Christmas cards. Stencils were made using paper punches and the left over card stock from cutting out the Matryohska dolls.

Snowflakes and Snowflake Ballerinas: The third grade learned to make sixpointed paper snowflakes and some used them to create SnowflakeBallerinas. 

Pointed star in one snip decorated in Russian Gzhel patterns and used to form a Christmas Tree. Using the Five Pointed Star inone Snip the 4th graders made a five-pointed star that they stenciled and decorated in the style of Gzhel pottery. The dried stars were then hung in the hallway to form a Christmas Tree.

Christmas trees that are gift containers: The pattern is available on-line, but you’ll need to scroll down to see it. You can make the containers any size. Punch holes in the sides of a larger one and put an LED light inside.

Five-Pointed Start Made with Twigs: Use five twigs (or whatever else you have handy) and make sure they are of equal size.

Lay them so they are parallel to one another | | | | |

Tie or use small rubber bands so they look like this \/\/\

Lay the one /\ over the other and you should see the 5 pointed star shape appear. Tie off the remaining loose ends and you will have a five-pointed star.

Depending on how you wish to use it, wrap ribbon around the connecting points. 

Paper Trees: The staff room was decorated with paper cut trees, snowflakes and other items. To make the trees, download the pattern.  After you’ve printed your tree pattern cut in half, using the guidelines at the top and bottom lengthwise. Fold two sheets of 81/2 X 11 paper lengthwise. On the folds, line up the template and hold in place with paper clips and cut out. While the directions call for sewing the two trees together, tape or a glue gun will also work. If you are having trouble downloading a template, e-mail margoc@tds.net for a copy in PDF.

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