Monday, June 29, 2015

CHS Plant Sales Past

Thanks to Nancy McMillian, the daughter of Pat and Craig Rankin, we have a wonderful collection of photographs of previous year's plant sales. None of us are sure when Craig, a landscape architect, decided he could make money for the Cavendish Historical Society and enjoy doing what he loved best, planting and sharing his bounty with his community. Pat made delicious jellies and jams to sell that day. While we're getting a better handle on keeping Craig's tradition alive, his last one was in 2007, we're going to work on the jellies and jams recipes for 2016.

Pieter van Schaik took up the challenge of continuing the plant sale and has done a remarkable job. So we're wondering if there is something about suspenders and planting. Thoughts on that?

Craig's Price List 
Craig tending his plant sale gardens. 
Unloading plants for the July 4, 2006 plant sale. Pieter van Schaik is in the truck. 

Craig tending his plant sale nursery gardens. 

Pat relaxing on the steps of the Cavendish Historical Society Museum. 

Craig probably 2006 sale.

Craig and Pat at the Great Hosta Sale
Pieter van Schaik unloading the hosta. He's still using the same
truck to haul hosta to and from the sale.

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