Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CHS Briefs: November 1, 2016

Young Historians: It’s been an incredible month
Screening for artifacts
• The 4th graders had a chance to visit the archaeological dig site in West Haven, VT and screen for artifacts. This site contains evidence of use from the Paleo-Indian period (more than 11,000 years ago) right up to present day. Their eyes are very keen at this age, so no surprise that all of the kids found something. Thank you to the archaeologists Matt and Elly Moriatrity, the South ChamplainHistorical Ecology Project (SCHEP) and to our volunteers Carolyn Solzhenitsyn and Pang Ting. 

6th graders at Sturbridge
• The  6th graders visited Sturbridge Village. Thank you to the McEnaney’s Blueberry Fund (and all of those who picked) and our volunteers Pang Ting, Bruce McEnaney and Jess and Craig Goodman for driving and serving as tour guides.

Learning about Robert and other
spirits from the owner of the
Golden Stage Inn
• The 5th and 6th graders participated in the “Proctorsville Ghost Walk.” CHS has been collecting stories as have the students. It may have been “spitting snow” throughout the walk, but we managed to visit seven places and learned about a wide variety of spirits and strange things that do more than go bump in the night.

Cavendish Ghost Story: Charlie: Read about some of the Cavendish spirits that liven up our town, particularly Charlie and his pennies, at the CHS blog.  

Museum: Now closed, on the last day, Oct. 9, we had a fun afternoon telling Cavendish ghost stories. The new doors for the Museum have been primed, painted and are being housed there this winter to acclimate. Installation will take place in the spring. Thank you Dave Stern and Kem Phillips. Be sure to check out the planter in front of the Museum, which Svetlana and Kem Phillips have filled with fall plantings.

Stone Church: We finally found a timber framer and work is underway on the belfry. However, the outdoor painting, roof flashing etc. will take place in the spring. We need to raise more money for this project, so if anyone feels like undertaking a fundraiser..... The goal for 2017 is to create the permanent home of the Solzhenitsyn exhibit at the Stone Church.

Solzhenitsyn Project: We had a group of Chinese dissidents visit in October. Look for some of their comments in the fall issue of the Scribbler II. Special thanks to Kang Wang for his donation, which is being used to help with the belfry repairs.

This is a good time to order copies of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: The Writer Who Changed History for your holiday gift list. They also make a nice hostess gift. Books can be purchased from CHS for $15 a copy plus $2 shipping in the United States. We’re happy to autograph them, and until Dec. 15, we’ll even include gift-wrapping. The book can also be ordered from Create Space and Amazon.com. Note that CHS makes the most money by ordering directly from us or from Create Space. All proceeds from the book go to the Solzhenitsyn project.

Various speaking engagements are being arranged now that the Museum is closed for the season. To schedule a talk or order a book, please use the contact information at the end of this post. 

CHS Blog: Check out new items posted to the blog

Nov. 1: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) CTES 5th graders will be making a variety of items that are common to this celebration in Mexico and Latin America including papel picado (paper cuts); paper flowers; and the decoration of sugar skulls.

Nov. 3: Fitton Mill tour for 6th graders

Nov. 7: Veterans Day program for 6th graders.

Nov. 14: Speaking engagement Okemo Valley Women’s Club

Nov. 19: Speaking Engagement Varnum Memorial Library, Jeffersonville, VT

For any of the items below, please e-mail margocaulfield@icloud.com or call 802-226-7807.

• Fundraising: All ideas and suggestions are most welcome.

• Board Members/Volunteers: Want to have a more active role in CHS? Become a board member. There are also numerous volunteer opportunities.

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