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CHS Briefs January 1 2017

Please also check the Cavendish VT Facebook page for photo albums of various CHS activities.

While many people now read the CHS newsletter, Scribble II on-line, the printing of the fall Scribbler II  was delayed in order to include information about Carmine Guica's passing. However, there was an a second delay due to the printer so the fall newsletter is being mailed the first week in January. The best laid plans......

School Program: As part of their unit on other cultures, on Dec. 2, one of the archeologists we’re working with on the dig in West Haven, VT, spoke to the 5th grade students about Mayan ball courts. Ellie Moriarity and her husband Matt excavated a ball court in Guatemala, which was Matt’s doctoral dissertation.

Completed poppies
The 6th graders did an amazing job making poppies for Carmine Guica’s funeral. Some of the homeschoolers helped with the set up and decorating the hall for the reception following the service. For pictures of this activity, see the album “Poppy Making.” 

Poinsettias made by 5th grade
Just prior to the holidays, the CHS had a daylong workshop as part of its Young Historians Program featuring the cultures of people who have helped to shape the town of Cavendish. This year, on Dec. 14,  we celebrated people who have come to our town from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and other South American countries. 
Santa piñata made for the 4th graders
by the 6th grade

Thank you to the CHS volunteers, without which this would not have been possible: Angela Asermely, Margo Caulfield, Bob Naess, Peggy Svec, and Etienne and Pang Ting. A special thank you to Carmine Guica. It was the sale of his autobiography that provided the funds for the piñata contents. For pictures and more information on each classes activities see the Cavendish Facebook Album  “South of the Border.” 

Solzhenitsyn Book: Speaking engagements on Alkesandr Solzhenitsyn: The Writer Who Changed History are being well received and definitely help with book sales. If you are interested in arranging for a talk call 802-226-7807 or e-mail 

Cavendish Historic Timeline: CHS has updated the Cavendish Historic Timeline for 2016 including such events as the pending retirement of Cavendish Town Manager Rich Svec, the opening of Cavendish’s first winery and tasting room, the expansion of high speed Internet into the eastern part of town and the appointment of Karlene Glidden as the first female to achieve life membership in the Proctorsville Volunteer Fire Dept.

Sunflower Project: In thanks to those contributing to CHS’s annual appeal campaign, and in honor of Carmine Guica, we have been sending out sunflower seed packets for late spring planting. Given Carmine’s love of gardens and his incredible positive attitude, we thought seeing sunflowers all over town this coming summer would be a lovely way to remember him. If you would like a packet of seeds, please send a donation of any amount to CHS, PO Box 472, Cavendish, VT 05142.

How To Remember Carmine? The CHS board has been discussing various ways to remember and honor Carmine Guica for his considerable contribution to both the society and the town. Because of his love of children, we thought about renaming the Young Historians program, the Carmine Guica Historians program and raising funds to expand the program, including a unit on genealogy. Other suggestions include: a fund for students who wish to study some aspect of Cavendish history; college scholarship assistance for a Cavendish student interested in pursuing a degree in history; specific renovations at the Museum and/or Stone Church. Please let us know what you think would be the best tribute as we are open to any and all suggestions

January is the time for completing end of year reports, filing taxes and speaking with the Select Board about budgets for CHS in the coming year. We will begin working with the 6th graders at CTES and LPCTV to record some of the Cavendish ghost stories the students have been gathering. Speaking engagements are also being schedule on the Solzhenitsyn project.

If you can help with any of the following, please contact CHS; 802-226-7807 or PO Box 472, Cavendish, VT 05142

• It may seem far off by we’re already thinking about the Annual Plant Sale, which will be July 2 (Saturday). Do you have plants you like to contribute? Are their plants you’d like to see us carry this year? Other suggestions?

• CHS is looking for new board members as well as volunteers who can help with various activities.

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