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CHS Briefs April 1, 2017

 Please check the Cavendish VT Facebook page for photo albums of various CHS activities.

Annual Meeting: CHS’s Annual Meeting was on March 5. It was great to see so many kids (seven) who came to learn about the “strange” side of Cavendish. One boy stayed for the business meeting because he said, “I like learning about this.” At the Annual Meeting, the following was agreed to:
• Rename the Young Historians Program to the Carmine Guica Young Historians Program (CGYH). Funds donated in his name will be earmarked specifically to help offset the costs of the programs at Cavendish Town Elementary School (CTES). 

• Since the Catholic Church is no longer able to offer a luncheon after Memorial Day activities, it was suggested that CHS could work with the respective churches-Cavendish Baptist when the ceremony is at the High Street Cemetery and Gethsemane Episcopal when it’s held at Hillcrest- in providing a lunch as a show of respect for our veterans. See Memorial Day in the Upcoming Activities section for more information.

• The activities for the coming year will include: Continued renovations of the Cavendish Stone Church; Installing the new doors on the Museum; planning for the 100th anniversary of Solzhenitsyn’s birth in 2018; and to have sufficient fundraising to offset expenses.

An Irish knot made 
Bruce McEnaney talking to the 3rd
graders about the Irish in Cavendish.
School Program: Grades 3, 5 and 6th learned a lot about the Irish in Vermont and Cavendish as part of CHS’s annual St. Patrick’s Day program. This year, everyone (staff, students, faculty, visitors) colored a section of a Celtic knot. A wall hanging was created and hangs in the school's hallway. Thank you Becky Plunkard for jumping in at the last minute and helping. 

Solzhenitsyn 100th Anniversary in 2018: CHS is talking to the Russian Departments at various colleges and universities about collaborating on a year long series of events pertaining to the 100th birthday of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on Dec. 11, 2018. To that end, Dartmouth, University of Vermont and Middlebury College have expressed interest in working with us. Some of the activities being discussed include: Governor declaration of 2018 as the "VT Tribute Year to Solzhenitsyn" (this would be done with the help of UVM’s Office of Governmental Affairs); series of lectures throughout the state working with VT Humanities Council, Elder Hostel, Osher Lifelong Lecture Series etc.; holding a special weekend Elder Hostel event in Cavendish; opening of CHS’s permanent Solzhenitsyn exhibit at the Cavendish Stone Church.

Stone Church: The first order of business is to take care of the powder post beetles that were discovered in the vestibule in January. The exterminator explained that until we had warmer temperatures the chemicals needed to remove the beetles wouldn’t be effective. The belfry beams, which are currently housed in the church, will be installed. Outside painting of doors, shutters etc.

These were most likely the original doors
but for various reasons wooden panels were removed and
glass panes installed. 
Museum: Installation of the new doors, which wintered over inside the Museum. These will be very similar to the original doors that would have been installed in 1834, so no windows.

Memorial Day: CHS has been working with Bruce McEnaney, who is both Cavendish’s Assistant Town Manager and CHS board member, on Memorial Day activities. In order to promote environmental conservation and reduce the use of plastics, the wreath tossed into the Black River will be made from natural fibers. Planters will be placed in front of each war memorial and will be filled with red, white and blue annual flowers. The 6th graders will be making poppies for the day’s event and the Cavendish Baptist Church has agreed to host the luncheon following the parade and service at the Cavendish Village Cemetery.

Cemeteries: The 6th graders will be placing flags on the graves of veterans in all of the town maintained cemeteries as well as removing winter debris on May 15. This is a daylong activity and volunteers will be needed. In June, the 6th grade will be cleaning gravestones.

A young Carmine Guica.
Carmine Guica Young Historians: A series of activities are being planned with the 6th graders including a panel on immigration and interviews and recording of Cavendish ghost stories with LPC-TV.

If you can help with any of the following, please contact CHS; 802-226-7807 or PO Box 472, Cavendish, VT 05142

Craig Rankin's Original Plant Sale List
• Annual Plant Sale, which will be July 2 (Saturday). Do you have plants you like to contribute? Are their plants you’d like to see us carry this year? Other suggestions?

• The Museum is in desperate need of a deep cleaning. Do you have some time to spare to help with this activity? It’s a great way to learn about what’s in the Museum.

• CHS is looking for new board members as well as volunteers who can help with various activities.

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