Thursday, September 17, 2009

Haunted Houses in Cavendish

With the falling leaves, and cooler temperatures, Halloween, ghosts and goblins start being discussed. Recently, we've been asked questions about the Dutton House. Is it or was it haunted?

The Salmon Dutton House was built in 1782 on what is now the Cavendish Green. In 1950, having not been occupied in 40 years, the house was moved to Shelburne Museum. You can watch a video of what Museum staff have to say about their experiences with the house. Some staff members wont step foot in the house because of experiences they've had. Who might have been the child they've heard or the man that one staff member has seen?

During the recent Duttonsville School Reunion, Dan Churchill, the owner of the building, describes how he'll be working and hear what appears to be children playing and laughing in what was once the 3-4 grade classroom. When he opens the door, no one is there. His Aunt, who taught at the school, would never come to visit him in his new home, saying the building was haunted.

Please e-mail us your stories about haunted houses in the Cavendish area.

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