Monday, September 21, 2009

Senior and Young Historians Programs

Today begins the Senior Historians program and Wednesday is the launch of our Young Historians Program. We will be meeting with residents and former residents of Cavendish who are now in the Gill Home in Ludlow. Today's program will include helping to identify people in photographs and to talk about life in Cavendish in the 1930's.

The Young Historians program is open to 3-6 graders at the Cavendish Town Elementary School. Seventeen students have already enrolled in the program, which meets during recess on Wednesdays. Our theme for the year is the 1930's. This coming Wednesday, the students will have hands on experience with radios and record players from that era thanks to Dan Churchill and his business, Commercial Radio. Want to know more about the music and the Golden Age of Radio? You can listen to Old Time radio shows, including "The Shadow," and enjoy the music of the 1930's online.

A side note-we learned that the name of the school came from Bob Snarski. The current school replaced the Proctorsville School. In 1972, after the Duttonsville School was closed, and the students were merged with the Proctorsville School, the principal Bob Snarski, stressed that the school was no longer just the Proctorsville School, but rather the Cavendish Town Elementary. Bob grew up in Cavendish and not only graduated from the Duttonsville School, but did his student teaching there as well.

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