Monday, November 28, 2011

Annual Appeal

November 27, 2010

Dear Friend:

This past year was supposed to be one long celebration for Cavendish, given that we were honoring our 250th anniversary. While many wonderful events did take place, including weekly posts about various aspects of our town’s history, the big four-day event was scheduled for the anniversary date in October. While the flood of August 28 changed our town dramatically, we still came together and celebrated, just not at the scale we had planned on.

We saw first hand how important it is to preserve our history when the National Guard wanted to see photographs and articles about the 27 flood that could help them in the repair of the current “Cavendish Canyon. Therefore, it was not surprising that even before the shelter closed, we were being asked to mount an exhibit for 2012 comparing the 1927 flood to 2011.

CHS recognizes that what happens today is tomorrow’s history, so we are one of the supporters of the Cavendish Update, an electronic newsletter, which is archived at and has a Facebook page Cavendish VT. While we are leaving a digital history for future generations, it proved to be an invaluable resource during the flood. For ten straight days, posts were issued several times a day so people would know where to go for help and assistance. Further, the Facebook page was a quick way for people to post what roads were open and who needed help.

Along with organizing a flood exhibit for the Museum, we will be focusing on the Civil War-the 150th anniversary began in 2011-and expanding our outreach through our “hands on history program.” People learn best by doing, so we are offering workshops and activities for community groups and school children. The workshop list is available at the CHS blog, or can be e-mailed ( or mailed.

We know these are hard times, but we also know that that work of CHS is making a difference in our community now and for future generations. You can be an integral part of what CHS is doing by:
• Donating to our appeal campaign (see attached forms)
• Renewing your annual membership.
• Helping with our various programs
• Helping with fundraising

Wishing you a joyous holiday season, and a happy New Year.


Dan Churchill,

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