Friday, November 4, 2011

Hands on History

The Cavendish Historical Society’s (CHS) “Hands on History” program is offering the following workshops and activities to Cavendish Town Elementary School and local community groups.

• Food from various time periods
- making butter with a churn: All ages
- bread making: 4th grade and up

• Because Cavendish has been home to many people from many parts of the world, we now offer workshops that not only reflect these cultures but also the traditions that coincide with different times of the year and holidays.

• Fiber arts:
- Corn husk dolls: This will not be offered until fall 2012 as we will dry husks starting in May. This will be limited to grades 4th grade and up. We request registeration for this workshop no later than April 1, so we can dry sufficient husks.
- Felt Wool Balls: All ages
- Beeswax candle making: All grades
- Quilt squares
- Stenciling: All ages
- Paper cuts: 5th grade and up
- God’s eyes, used in many cultures including the Irish for Shamhain (Sowen): 4th grade and up
- Using dyes from nature-such as butter nuts, milk weed etc.
- Knitting and crochet
- Simple weaving

• Games and toys throughout Cavendish history

• Music: Since we are in the process of celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Cavendish is fortunate to have the fiddler Bob Naess available to play tunes from this era. Of particular note is the music of a prisoner at Camp Chase.

• Speakers on the following topics:
- Farming
o Tap trees and sugaring Grades 3-6
o Clove Apples: 3-6 grades
o Cider press: All ages
- Archeology-early man in Cavendish
- Various crafts
- Cavendish history
- Business-large and home based
- Genealogy

• Tours of historic sites, including but not limited to:
- Cemeteries
- Fitton’s Mill
- Settler’s tour (Dutton, Proctor and Coffeen)
- First school house and one room school houses
- Proctorsville Historic Walking tour
- Phineas Gage Walking tour

Programs can be designed for a particular time period that you may be studying. While programs are available free of charge, donations are appreciated. Note that CHS will be creating an 1800’s house for the spring of 2011

For more information please call the CHS coordinator at 802-226-7807 or e-mail

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