Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) News

CHS is pleased to announce the start of a new facebook page-Phineas Gage Cavendish.  

On Sept ember 13, 1848 Phineas Gage, a foreman, was working with his crew excavating rocks in preparing the bed for the Rutland and Burlington Railroad in Cavendish. An accidental explosion of a charge he had set blew his tamping iron through his head. It entered under the left cheek bone and exited through the top of the head. The rod, covered with brains and blood, was found approximately 30 yards from the site of the accident. Thus began the first documented case of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the medical literature.

Since Gage continues to be of interest, and is still being studied, the Historical Society receives many inquiries about him. This new Facebook page is a place to continue the discussion, hopefully to obtain new information and separate fact from fiction where possible. So be part of the discussion and “like us” at the Phineas Gage Cavendish Facebook page.

This Sunday, June 2,  is the first day of the CHS Museum season. With so many different activities underway at CHS, not all of the exhibits have been finalized. The Museum will now be open every Sunday from 2-4 pm until Columbus weekend. Arrangements for tours of the Museum can be made at other times by calling 802-226-7807 or e-mailing

To inquiries about the Solzhenitsyn exhibit. There will be a summer exhibit at the Museum this season, with the permanent exhibit at the Stone Church hopefully established by the summer of 2014. We will have the Stone Church open on July 6, as part of Summer Fest and again on July 27, as part of the Town Wide Tag Sale.

Summer Fest is July 6, and once again there will be a chance to get the best hosta at the lowest price in town. More to follow. 

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