Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stone Church Transfer:Thank you to Incredible Volunteers

On May 11, the Universalist/Unitarian Convention of Vermont and Canada, met in Cavendish and voted to transfer the deed of the Cavendish Stone Church to the town of Cavendish. A lot work went into making this day possible.  

Special notes of thanks are in order for our volunteers:
• Abe and Amanda Gross and the Cavendish Baptist Church: Abe did double duty as both the pastor of the Baptist Church as well as fire marshall at the Stone church, since we most likely exceeded the fire regulation of 49 people. He also rigged up power-thank you Fitzgibbons family-so we could vacuum the Stone Church. Love it that Abe's ancient Electrolux kept on churning, out doing today's current models. Amanda was so helpful to the kitchen crew, not only in making the most delicious bread, but also being patient with our continual interruptions from how to turn on the stove to "we need more food." Her homemade pesto helped to make sure we had enough. To the Cavendish Baptist Church, thank you for sharing your facilities-from the parking lot to the Church Hall. We hope we left the kitchen in good shape and put everything back where it belonged. 

• Mary Ormrod-Not only cleaned windows  with her mother-in-law Gloria Leven, she also provided flowers from her garden, made a salad for the luncheon,  and donated 30 1 lb Old Cavendish Fruitcakes for all the Convention members. It was a great treat, which they enjoyed. 

• Sandra Russo-Incredible job on cleaning the church (hope your vacuum is okay) and the lovely tortellini salad. Special thanks to Mike Pember who helped with the last minute changes needed in the set up for the luncheon and for continual reminders that "it'll be all right."

• Pang Ting-At the last minute put in a full day on Saturday and created beautiful flower arrangements for the church, helped to prepare and serve the luncheon and didn't leave until the last dish was put away at 3 pm. Couldn't have pulled this off without you. I totally "owe you." 

• Stewart Lindberg-So glad you were able to get the lawn cut. The grounds looked great.

• Dan Churchill-As always, ice cream makes a great dessert. Thank you.

• Rich Svec-Not only for putting in so many hours on the transfer issue, but for giving up your Saturday morning and staying to help. Thank you Peggy for all your help as well. Really appreciated how you and Rich took charge of cleaning the tables and putting the hall back in order

• Solzhenitsyn Family-Everyone enjoyed Ignat's reading two of his father's prose poems over  dessert. After he and the family brought the flowers from the Stone Church to the Baptist Church, those of us who were still cleaning downstairs were treated to some lovely music. 

We couldn't help but marvel that only in Cavendish can you have a nobel prize winner's son read his poetry and then as a world renown pianist, provide the right note to end a very long day that for some of us started at 5 am. 

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