Tuesday, July 5, 2016

CHS Strippers in Action

One of two doors that will replace the
current CHS Museum door. This is before
the varnish has been removed
Work began today-July 5-on preparing the doors for the Cavendish Historical Society's (CHS) Museum. Under the watchful gaze of woodworker Dave Stern, Margo Caulfield and Kem Phillips worked together figuring out the best technique for getting rid of varnish.

The doors are from an architectural salvage depot and were once housed in a church. Once they are stripped of their varnish, they will be reconfigured for the Museum entry way and ultimately painted. When completed and installed, the appearance will be very similar to the doors that were original to the building.
Kem Phillips and Dave Stern 
Dave Stern trying another removal technique

In 1834, church doors (the building was constructed to be the Cavendish Baptist Church) would have been solid and not contain paint. It's not clear when the double doors were either modified or replaced with ones that had panes of glass. This may have been done when the building served as the Town Hall.
Museum with double doors and concrete steps

If you are interested and have the time to strip paint and help work on the doors, please call 802-226-7807 or e-mail margocaulfield@icloud.com

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