Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pick Blueberries for Your Health and to Help CHS

Levon-First Blueberry picker of the season!
Besides being sweet and wonderful, blueberries are associated with the following benefits: healthy bones; lowers blood pressure; wards off heart disease; prevents cancer; improves mental health, and fights wrinkles.

Once again, thanks to the generosity of Bruce and Betty McEnaney, half the proceeds from picking their blueberries, goes to the Cavendish Historical Society's (CHS) program at CTES. Last year the 6th grade spent the day at Sturbridge Village thanks to blueberry pickers.

Located at 354 Miner Rd, just over the Cavendish line in Chester (use to be part of Cavendish at one time) off of Smokeshire, lock in your GPS and head over for some of the best blueberry picking ever.

Please do what you can to advertise and by all means go pick the best blueberries in VT. 

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