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CHS Briefs: October 1, 2016

Bill Jansak cleaning the
 The Civil War Memorial is now clean!!! Under the direction of CHS board member and Assistant Town Manager, Bruce McEnaney, the Civil War Memorial was cleaned on Wed., Sept. 28. No one seems to know the last time this was undertaken. For comparison, the Washington, D.C. Lincoln Memorial is power washed (no more than 300 psi) twice a year. The goal is to wash the Civil War Memorial at least every three years, but more if possible, in order to avoid the build up of mold, lichens etc. As noted in last month’s Briefs, “spalling” is occurring. Acid rain” speeds weathering, resulting in stones being permanently damaged, as it leaves a rough, pitted surface, making writing and art harder to distinguish. Don't expect to see a white monument as to obtain this you need to use chemicals that could further damage the stone. CHS follows the National Park Service’s guidelines for cleaning.  See the Cavendish Facebook page for more photos. 

Kem and Svetlana Phillips working on a test patch.
Chalkboards drying after 1st coat
of unsanded grout and paint.
• The Young Historians program is in full swing, with the CTES 4th graders participating in a museum “scavenger hunt” 5th and 6th graders learning community stewardships by participating in RiverSweep. and the 3rd graders learning about one-room schoolhouses by reading Sandra Stearns’ book “Field Hill Farm” and making their own chalkboards. The home school group will be making a tiny Library and Pantry. Do you have an old cabinet or something else that would be could be used for this project? Have carpentry skills that could assist the kids in building? The pantry will ultimately be housed at the Cavendish Baptist Church while the Library will be outside the museum. 
4th graders treasure hunt inside the Museum

• The Phineas Gage Annual Walk & Talk was well attended. This was done twice in order to accommodate those who weren’t able to walk.

•  Kem and Svetlana Phillips have been planting at the Stone Church, including a lovely mock orange bush that will help to hide the electric meter.
Mock Orange planted at the Stone Church

• The Museum doors are finally clean and all the holes filled in. The custom made latch has arrived and so the next step is painting and working on the casing that will house the doors. Dave Stern has done an amazing job on these doors and we hope to have them hung in the spring.

Oct.  3 (Monday): Annual Fitton Mill tour for the 6th grade.

Oct. 7 (Friday): CTES 4th graders will be taking a site visit to the archeological dig that CHS continues to provide volunteers to. Located in West Haven, VT, this is a very rich site containing Paleo-Indian –European settlement artifacts.

Oct. 9 (Sunday): Cavendish: Creepy, Eerie and Haunted. Since the summer, CHS has been collecting stories about places that are believed to be haunted and/or have a creepy feel to them. Who knew that both the Proctorsville Fire Dept. and the Golden Stage Inn have “visitors” that go by the names of Homer and George respectively? Various people have described the unseen children that laugh and talk in what was once a classroom at the Duttonsville School. This is just a few of the tales we’ve uncovered. On the last day the Museum is open, we will share the stories we’ve collected and look forward to hearing from members of the audience. The event takes place from 2-4 pm at the CHS Museum. This is a free event open to the public. 

Oct. 17 (Monday): Thanks to Bruce and Betty McEnaney’s blueberry fundraiser, the 6th graders will be taking a field trip to Sturbridge Village.

For any of the items below, please e-mail or call 802-226-7807.

• Board Members/Volunteers: Want to have a more active role in CHS? Become a board member. There are also numerous volunteer opportunities.

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